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Monday, January 25, 2010

Tool & Equipment Repairs

We're a Whole Lot More, Than a Rental Store! Be ready when that first customer calls! Make sure your equipment is in top shape! Spring Service Special!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010 from Party Line Rentals

Happy New Year to All and Here's to a Great year! Some of you may be thinking "and good riddance to 2009!", understandable considering the constant news of doom and gloom, it was tough not to walk around with black clouds over our heads, but we have a job to do and customers to serve! Smile! Life marchs on amid the chaos! People still fall in love and get married, babies are brought into familes and baptised, birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated. If nothing else, 2009 taught us a lesson. Humility. We were reminded we cannot assume. Our customers are savy, reasonable and if you’re lucky, loyal. We learned that our customers know the value of the products and services we provide and so they know that shopping for a cheaper price does not mean getting a better deal and that makes them much more loyal to us and us to them. Winter around here means Heated Tents and general maintanence; we’re busy shucking the warehouse of items that do not pass our quality standards; we’re making a list of items to purchase for the 2010 season, and getting everything in place for a slamming 2010 Party Rental season!