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Friday, April 29, 2011

Everybody Report to the Dancefloor

A wise man once said,

"Its better to have a crowded dance floor than an empty one"

That wise man is Kenny Puff, and he just said that. The Dancefloor is the Heart of any event. The pulse of the Music fuels the good times and the Dancefloor is where it goes down! So you want the best dancefloor Money can buy, but it doesn't NEED to cost you an Arm and a Leg!

The Industry Standard is 4.5 Square Feet of dancefloor Per Guest at the wedding. OUR Standard is 3 Square Feet of dancefloor Per Guest because, as i said earlier, Its better to have a crowded dancefloor than an empty one! Not only will the dancefloor always be "Hoppin" but it will also keep a few Bucks in your pocket.
Let me break it down:
Suzanne Gotrocks is going to have 100 guests at her wedding.
"Franks Tent rental" Quoted her a 16'x28' for $896.00
We would quote her a 16'x20' for $640.00
Not only will she have a more exciting dancefloor, but we saved her $256!
Here is our Dancefloor Chart that all of our rental Professionals use:

Party Line Tent Rentals Dance Floor Chart (patent pending)

Total GuestsSquare FootageDancefloor Size
21648' x 8'
32968' x 12'
431288' x 16'
4814412' x 12'
6419212' x 16'
8024012' x 20'
8525616' x 16'
9628812' x 24'
10732016' x 20'
12838416' x 24'
13340020' x 20'
14944816' x 28'
16048020' x 24'
17151216' x 32'
18756020' x 28'
19257616' x 36'
19257624' x 24'
21364016' x 40'
21364020' x 32'
22467224' x 28'
24072020' x 36'
25676824' x 32'
26178428' x 28'
26780020' x 20'
28886424' x 36'
29989628' x 32'
32096024' x 40'
336100828' x 36'
341102432' x 32'
373112028' x 40'
384115232' x 36'
427128032' x 40'
432129636' x 36'
480144036' x 40'
40' x 40'

You can experience a joy that I'm not sure you can experience anywhere else, where you can actually let go and lose yourself in the one-ness of the dance floor. Where everyone is moving to the same beat. It's a very primal, very basic human experience.

Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 WTR Tool Sale

I Cant believe You Missed it! What an event! Westchester Tool Rental would like to thank everyone who made this years Tool Sale the best that we have ever had! We were able to sell off a good majority of our Used inventory so you can look forward to a fresh batch of rentals for this summer! As for the few items that were not sold during the sale, Pop in and check availability, we still may have what you are looking for.


We have So Much Empty Space on our Lot now!

Well for everyone who missed out, make sure to mark your calenders for the 2012 WTR Tool Sale!