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Friday, February 13, 2009

Are you Doing Business a Company that Provides a Living Wage to their Employees?

If you are doing business with Party Line Rentals, you are. Shopping around for the best price you can get on your event? That’s understandable, but before you make a decision based solely on the vendors lowest bid consider if the responsible thing to do is to ask if the vendor’s employees are paid a wage they and their families can live on. Plus, are the event company’s employees trained professionals or day laborers? It does matter. The staffers at Party Line Rentals are trained professionals, plus we compensate our employees with above living wage, health benefits, paid vacation, bonuses, and matched 401K. In an industry where an employee’s average stay is 18 months - we must be doing something right; our employee’s average stay is over 8 years with managers averaging 12 years. In these difficult economic times we strive to live normal lives while struggling to survive. Life marches on amidst the chaos, we want to and should, celebrate life! Celebrate Responsibly.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winter Chores

While we put up tents and rent equipment 12 months a year the winter season is the time when we inspect, repair and replace worn and damaged inventory so our rentals are in the top condition our customers expect. In the picture below Francisco and Edgardo sew tents that have torn. After the necessary repairs have been made the tents are washed and bleached in the tent washer and hung to dry. The next step is for the tents to be graded by quality and a list is compiled for those pieces that will be replaced. Elsewhere in the warehouse tables, chairs, tent poles, carpeting, lighting and other inventory is being inspected & sorted to be repaired or replaced. It's never dull around here! Every industry has a slow season and we are no exception but we make best use of the 'down' time to keep our loyal employees and our loyal customers!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Westchester Tool Rentals published in Rental Management Magazine

Westchester Tool Rentals celebrates 25 years in business BY WHITNEY CARNAHAN Whitney Carnahan is features editor for Rental Management, Moline, Ill. She can be reached at (800) 334-2177, ext. 283, or e-mail
More than 200 employees, friends and business associates helped Westchester Tool Rentals, Elmsford, N.Y., celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary at a “Hawaii in New York” event on Dec. 20. The family-owned and operated company, founded in 1983, rents and sells everything from heavy equipment to dry goods. Party Line Tent Rentals, a sister company, rents party and event equipment including tents, tables, chairs, cookware and generators. Guests for the anniversary celebration dressed the part in grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, scented leis and Hawaiian hibiscus flowers flown in for the event held at the Westchester Tool Rental/Party Line Tent Rental properties. Culinart Group provided island-style food for the event, which was the culmination of several smaller celebratory events. Owner Kenny Puff briefly addressed the crowd, thanking everyone involved in the company’s success, including his parents and business partners, Bud and Anne Puff, and his wife, Karin. “Our success is because of our loyal customers, employees and vendors. Our longevity is because of our willingness to adapt. We’re still here and still growing because we work hard, we play hard and, above all, we don’t give up,” Puff said.
Additionally, Westchester Tool Rentals is a 25 year member of the American Rental Association ~ ARA
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