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Friday, September 9, 2011

Dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene

Our Very own Kenny Puff was interviewed by the American Rental Association last week. The interview was published on their online magazine "Rental Pulse". The ARA was concerned with how rental companies had fared in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Here's what Kenny had to say: 

"We made the decision Thursday before the storm to pull the plug on all our party events. In total, we took out 56 tents before the storm. We got cursed, praised, threatened and thanked. We had one event that moved the party up and we took down the tents at 6 p.m. Saturday"

"The tool rental store started getting everything ready ahead of time. We were pretty much sold out of the portable generators by Thursday night. We were able to replenish about 25 chainsaws from Stihl, as well as more pumps to rent out. We rented 46 small generators, a dozen towable generators, 25 light towers and 40 pumps. We ended up servicing quite a few of our customer’s generators on Monday. A lot of chippers went out. We sold out of gloves, rain gear, flashlights and propane. I’m happy we were able to help some people. We do what we can to service the customers,”

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