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Monday, November 7, 2011

Rental Management Magazine Interview

Kennys was recently Interviewed by "Rental Management Magazine" for an Article titled "Dealing with disasters".

"We check rental inventory and see that service is up to date on all anticipated items and stage them for quicker response time. We make sure all fuel tanks are full including diesel, kerosene and propane. We go through sales inventory including rain coats, chainsaws and gas cans, and try to see what stock distributors have locally. We check work schedules and see who first volunteers for extra hours. We will remain open 24 hours in cases of severe weather. We have accounts with local hotels, so our employees who have a long commute do not have to travel in inclement weather or severe conditions,”

“We are careful to follow procedure even in what can sometimes seem a chaotic atmosphere, we explain all polices, rental costs and any extra charges in advance, and get a signature on the contract. Many renters are in a panic and stressed over their emergency and don’t always listen.”

The remainder of the article can be Seen here on the Rental Management Website

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